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Exolead is the summit of a marketing agency that had been growing slowly and that was founded in 2012 by three friends from three different countries: Julian, Chris and David. The meeting of these three marketing and lead generation passionates occured at a show in Berlin, Germany. After an experince of four years of pain and frustration, due to the lack of available tools for the matchmaking between lead generators and companies wishing to acquire prospects, they recognized an obvious gap in the market for simple tools such as connecting professionals and marketing lead suppliers on a single platform. Hence, Exolead was born and stands as the first International platform for linking lead buyers and sellers. Ever since, Exolead has grown rapidly to support millions of contacts, collect $ 3 million in funding and launch the world's first self-service platform in the industry of buying and selling leads.


Each day, worldwide service providing businesses are being veiled by an obscure force, which limits their creativity and progress. This veil is set up by a multitude of bad quality lead suppliers, followed by a poor customer database and a low return of investment. Exolead strives to fight against this obscure lead qualification practices by offering a clear platform serving as a trustful third party in the lead industry. Today transparency is possible and ensured by the quality controls performed before a single lead is being added to our platform. This is the major reason why we are proud of being in this market and supplying prospects for numerous companies in more than 15 countries.

Meet Exolead's team

Exolead's team consists of young talents of marketing, development and launch of online projects.

MikeCEO & Founder
Mike is part of the founders of Exolead, he is an expert in lead generation and affiliation for a great number of companies for more than 8 years.
ChrisCo-Founder & Business development manager
Chris is one of Exolead's founders, he is an expert in developing start-ups. He is responsible for linking with investors and important partners.
PeterCo-Founder & Marketing director
Peter is part of Exolead's founders, he is an online marketing and SEO expert. He is behind the investment of over 7000 keywords for in anglophone search engines.
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