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Due to the numerous lead sellers who join our platform, your opportunities to get in direct connection with your target are guaranteed. Marketing agencies, call centers, web publishers create relevant online forms, which are being filled in every second by qualified prospects. Our prospects provide their contact information in order to get your services. Boost your sales volume by acquiring prospects, which are waiting to be contacted by companies like you in order to get their needs met.

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Leads quality check

The information gathered from the prospects who fill out online forms is being verified by Exolead's team of professionals. Our team guarantees the accuracy of the prospect's information by employing extensive form checking and de-duping techniques, in order to ensure no wrong numbers or email addresses. Moreover, each service provider may demand a lead’s qualification check to our team. Therefore, the prospects will be contacted in advance in order to confirm their need of the specific service/product in question.

Daily lead updates

Due to the wide range of activities and ongoing work performed by active platform users, ExoLead offers each minute new leads, updated in real time on the marketplace. In this manner, ExoLead can guarantee the quality and the flow of the provided prospects.

High quality marketplace
providing high quality leads

Allowing professional marketers to become your lead providers will significantly decrease your marketing expenses and increase your transaction volume.
Save time and money by getting to the point without having to go through tedious prospect acquisition techniques any longer.

How to buy leads?

Nothing is easier to start buying or selling leads on the market place.

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Are you a company looking for qualified leads?
We offer various services, which allow you to find new clients, set appointments for your business and increase your sales volume!
By regularly using the lead purchase/sale platform, you will have access to a marketplace that allows you to acquire daily the most qualified prospects in your industry,
provide appointments to your sales stuff and propel your sales.

Buying leads in your industry

Financial services leads

Expand your customer base! On Exolead, prospects that complete various online financial forms are available daily. From requests for information, investment consultancy, investment quotes, revolving loans to diamond investment demands, all forms contain details of the prospect's needs and their contact information allowing you to effectively reach out to them and expand your business.

Tax exemption leads

Are you are looking for tax exemption leads? Expand your business and divide your customer acquisition costs through the purchase of tax exemption leads. Start communicating directly with people who have shown an interest in tax settlement services. Thousands of tax exemption leads are posted daily and are offered by major players in the generation of qualified lead.

Renovation and general maintenance leads

On Exolead, you can aquire on a daily bases the latest updated leads. From demands for electricity, loft insulation, carpentry to pest control services, the platform's construction lead generation professionals allow you a direct access to your targeted customers without marketing efforts needed.

Insurance leads

You are an insurance broker?
Multiply your client database by purchasing insurance leads such as: life, property, car, business, liability, worker's compensation, final expense and more...Now you can have direct access to all the prospects who have completed online forms in search of various insurance plans and insurance companies like you.

Domestic & Personal services

Are you in seach of domestic and personal service clients? On exolead, thousands of freshly updated prospects in need of your services are only a few clicks away...The days when your sales team struggles to contact unintrested customers are over! Start supplying your team with qualified leads and watch your productivity and business revenue expand.

Business services leads

Are you in the business of telecom, a software company, a geolocation expert? On Exolead, you can benefit from the experience of B2B marketing professionals and access thousands of daily generated leads, in order to develop your commercial activity without the need of any marketing techniques. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of professional services for your own business needs. The platform provides specialist business support prospects to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors; this can include tax advice, supporting a company with accounting, IT services or providing management advice.

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